"The Heavy Duty 27 Pounder"
L         W        H
17.0"  14.5"   14.0"
Ideal for 100" wheels
Easy haul handle & convenient
rope or chain hole
Ultra High Strength, light weight Polyurethane Wheel Chocks. Safety Orange ,
complies with OSHA for many parked vehicles, long term durability, oil resistant!
"The 4.5 Pounder" (PRT320036)
L         W        H
11.0"  7.70"   7.75"
** Also available in a 7.0 lb
"Heavy Duty Standard"
Perfect for 18 wheelers
& maintenance vehicles
"The 2 Pound Mini" (PRT320037)
L         W        H
7.5"  6.75"   6.0"
Ideal for trailers with
wheels & lighter loads
Forsch Polymer
Wheel Chocks